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Nuclear Blaze Review

Nuclear Blaze game is a thrilling 2D detective action game coming to Steam Early October. For more info; watch our interview with S Bastien Benard; designer of the game. Nuclear Blaze is a hidden object adventure game with many thrilling moments; including the creepy scenes of an nuclear scientist’s lab. For fans of hidden object games and PC horror games; you’ll love this one! For fans of video games that are more narrative focused; expect plenty of puzzles and challenges in Nuclear Blaze.


Nuclear Blaze

In the game; players take control of detective Aiden who must investigate a series of burning buildings in London. The storyline is a bit confused; so it’s up to Aiden to piece together the events and figure out what is going on. You’ll also have the opportunity to use a top-secret nuclear explosion cyst; but unlocking it will also unlock some of the more mysterious hidden secrets associated with this city’s history. For more info; read on this interview.

With a great level design and puzzle-solving gameplay; Nuclear Blaze is certainly among the more challenging games to come out on the market for kids this year. The game starts with a brief introduction cut scene revealing the current state of the world’s nuclear meltdown; followed by action as Aiden investigates the London fire station. The first few levels are quite straightforward; though you’ll be sure to find yourself running through the city of London as fast as you can to complete objectives and avoid danger. The story line is vague at best; but definitely captivating; especially considering how young the main character; Aiden; looks like.

In order to succeed in this interactive tale of mystery and intrigue; it helps if you get to know the character Aiden first. Aiden is an orphaned 2d firefighter with no family or friends left to save after his mother is killed in the nuclear blaze. He survived the initial attack; and slowly begins to develop amnesia… which proves to be a challenge due to the fact that he doesn’t remember his name or where he was serving his country. During these stages of his memory loss; you’ll have to guide Aiden through a number of action platforming puzzles to help him piece together his surroundings and figure out the origins of his missing memories.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Once you start playing the game; you’ll quickly learn that its storyline is not as intricate as it initially seems. Most of the game is spent walking around London looking for clues to the whereabouts of the missing firefighters. However; after stumbling upon a series of cryptic posters; you find out that the whole city has been wiped out by a massive nuclear blast. Aiden then sets out with a ragtag group of other survivors to learn what happened; and fight their way through the rubble of the city to reach the epicenter of the disaster… and finally discover the cause of the meltdown. You’ll have to use every bit of instinct and skill you have to survive the danger and complete the quests set before you; while unlocking new skills along the way to add to your arsenal.

The story behind Nuclear Blaze: Rescue is simple enough; but the game itself is much more engaging than that. Although there are simple puzzles to solve and hidden objects to discover; the real strength lies in its physics engine. Its physics engine is based on real life physics and is used to create extremely lifelike environments and obstacles. These include hidden walls; collapsing buildings; shooting from destructible weapons; flying debris; and many other dynamic obstacles. With these simple but interesting physics interactions; Nuclear Blaze: Rescue manages to successfully combine the cute aesthetics of Hidden Object games with a solid gameplay and fast paced adventure.