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Into the Pit Review

Judging by the trailer of Into the Pit; upcoming PC game; Null pointer; is taking heavy influence from the classic Doom series especially the more frantic and fast-paced action of Doom ( 2021) and its newest sequel; Doom Eternal. The story behind the game is quite intriguing with the hero of the game; a former marine sent from Earth to explore a mysterious and dangerous place called The Pit. However; his quest will not be easy as he will face many formidable enemies and creatures in his way. One thing that is for sure is that this game is going to have lots of action.


Into the Pit

A more tactical view of the game would show the player a rather unusual set of circumstances wherein players have to survive against waves of creatures and bosses along the way. The player uses a variety of weapons to fight against the enemies and take out their health. Each weapon has special attributes and capabilities to help the player. For example; some weapons can be charged for extra damage and when used against multiple opponents or one-on-one; they can multiply the damage of each strike making them a deadly combo. One of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal is the plasma cutter which is capable of cutting down large number of enemies in just a single swipe.

Based on the traditional roguelike formula; Into the Pit features top-down perspective; turn-based gameplay and randomised elements. The story is told through a series of vignettes that are interspersed with actual missions the player is supposed to perform within the Pit. As you proceed through the storyline; the screen will scroll forward showing new scenes and missions. The storyline revolves around a pair of teenage brothers who decide to go into a pit to seek revenge on the demons that killed their family.

The control scheme is similar to the original versions of roguelikes wherein the player is required to swing their weapon and attack their enemies using a button combination. The controls in this version however; are a lot more flexible as you can freely change between the different weapon and abilities without the need to pause the game.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

This allows the player to gain a level of flexibility and freedom not seen in the original games. However; it’s important to note that the Xbox version of Into the Pit does not feature a tutorial mode and you’re solely reliant on your own expertise and instinct to survive the trials within the pit.

In comparison to other roguelite games; Into the Pit offers a slower pace and more challenging difficulty. Most of the basic obstacles in these games are only a few pixels in size which makes the game less engaging and enjoyable to play. Thankfully; there is also a “rogue” mode which allows you to increase the difficulty without any risk to your life. There are also several hidden objects; secrets and achievements to uncover as you work your way through the Pit. If you want something challenging; than playing through the curse village will be a great alternative.

To finish each level; you’ll be rewarded with points and gold. Each level comes with three challenges which range from killing two enemies to preventing the destruction of an entire city. Completing each challenge grants ten thousand points and a magical dagger. I believe I’ve mentioned enough about the graphics and the simplicity of playing through the pits so let’s talk about the game itself.