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Grotto Review

The eagerly awaited full release of the highly addictive caveman-styled action/adventure game called Grotto 2021 will be arriving on October 21st; outdoors of itch. We got a chance to check the beta build of the game and to see if it is going to live up to everyone’s expectations. Our Grotto review will go into more detail with this in mind. It will be interesting to see how the game performs when it gets into its full release and if it lives up to the reception that we’ve seen so far.



In the game; the main character is called Grotto; and he is your average Caveman living in the modern world. A caveman would certainly fit in this visually engrossing; family-friendly; action-adventure game. We got to explore the whole Grotto cave system; the surroundings; and encounter many unique objects along the way. Developers Brainwash and creator Digerati showed off some nice features in the demo version including the natural looking environment with trees; bushes; and other assets; as well as being able to see Grotto’s animal friends just by clicking on them in the inventory list. You could also use objects in the environment to grab animals and place them in your inventory for later use.

The game also has a few other interesting features that Brainwash and Digerati weren’t able to show us in the demo version like an early version of the Grotto multiplayer. Multiplayer in these kinds of games is usually very limited due to bandwidth and technical issues; but we were able to play a couple of rounds with some friends and get some good practice in before moving on to the single player campaign. The single player campaign mode is quite short and focused on surviving Grotto; starting at level one and working your way up to the top of the map. There are five levels and each one offers a different challenge when it comes to Grotto’s behavior. There is also this big ‘boss’ at the end of level thirty-one; which feels like the biggest challenge of the game and gives us a good taste of what is in store for us in future episodes.

Soothsayer: The visuals in Soothsayer are a little rough around the edges; but it still looks quite promising. A lot of the games demos we’ve seen have had a rather ‘cartoonish’ appearance; but Soothsayer is in an entirely different league. It has a dark; brooding; Gothic style about it that really works. The visual style is a definite step up from the silly cartoonish character designs we’ve seen in games before; and Soothsayer looks set to be one of the most atmospheric games on the Wii this year.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Tribal Style: The graphics in the Soothsayer trailer looked very nice; but it didn’t give any indication of the truly superb visual style that is in store for us. The main part of the game takes place in a cave-like environment; which seems to echo the dark; mysterious world of Caveman. The main character; a pale; weakling called Soothsayer; moves through the cave using only his rudimentary vision. You will need to help him progress through the cave; which will involve getting some help along the way from several allies including a dinosaur. The visuals are clearly inspired by the visuals of the classic Nintendo games; though the gameplay is enough to stand on its own.

Another exciting pre-launch trailer gave further hints as to what Soothsayer can be doing in terms of story. The lead character was shown to have a crush on some new recruits to the tribe; but what the hell is going on with him? In the games reveal trailer; we were also introduced to some other members of the tribe who will also help Soothsayer on his journey. While no names have been given just yet; we can look forward to seeing more of the Grotto tribe in future games; and perhaps even newcomers who join up with the tribe as they learn to survive in the harsh environment. Hopefully we will learn a lot more about them; and about the others who also become involved in Soothsayer’s tale.